A Nighttime Canoeing Expedition in the Amazon (private tour)

  • The pitch dark Amazon Rainforest comes alive with animal sounds at night

It’s pitch black darkness in the Amazon rainforest, as we’re embarked aboard a motorized canoe on an expedition to contemplate and listen to the myriad of sounds coming from the nocturnal creatures of the Amazon Rainforest.

With many animals being nocturnal, the Amazon rainforest comes alive at night, giving us the chance to experience the Amazon’s animal “orchestra” while hopefully spotting some of its nocturnal wildlife, as well as seeing the glowing eyes of a caiman swimming in the dark right beside our boat!

Birds, snakes, and caimans are some of the creatures that come out in the darkness to hunt for food. Among the nocturnal creatures roaming the jungle, it’s the caiman that’s quite active and gives us the best opportunity for a possible spotting, as they are identified by their glowing eyes reflected from our guide’s flashlight shining out into the river.

During our outing, we’ll be able to take in the constant and enthralling sounds of chirping and singing from the nearby birds and insects as we’re surrounded by the ambience of nighttime on the Amazon. Our evening concludes with a return trip back to our lodge with the unique experience of having witnessed the sights and sounds of the Amazon at night.

Since you’ll be doing this tour with your own private canoe and guide, you’ll be able to enjoy each attraction at your own pace; making all of the stops you want while enjoying personalized assistance and care from your expert guide.

Note: From April to August, when the tide is high, it is difficult to spot caimans. The same thing occurs on full moon nights at any time of the year.

Important: the tour’s exact itinerary and duration may change subject to weather conditions and decisions of the tour guide to optimize your tour experience.


Difficulty: none.


Duration: the tour lasts approximately 1 hour.


Guide: private guide.


Vehicle: private canoe.