Learn to Prepare and Savor the Most Typical Brazilian Dishes and Drinks (private tour)

  • We’ll warm up to our cooking experience while savoring "caipirinhas"!

Put on your apron and step into the role of a Brazilian chef, as you put your cooking skills to the test, with a Brazilian regional cuisine cooking class. This 100% hands-on experience takes place in a cuisine studio located in the renowned Copacabana neighborhood. Not only will you learn how to cook some of the most delicious traditional Brazilian dishes, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the country’s culture through food, and to savor the most classic Brazilian alcoholic drinks.

Our tour begins with a hotel pickup which will take us to the chef’s studio. We’ll warm up with a toast of “caipirinhas,” Brazil’s national alcoholic drink, which is enjoyed by Brazilians everywhere, even at the beach. It’s made of sugarcane liquor, lime, sugar and crushed ice. While we sip our caipirinhas, we’ll learn how to prepare a starter based on "queijo coalho," a firm but light cheese that’s among the most typical in Brazil.

Our wisdom in Brazilian cocktails will now be expanded as we learn to prepare a “batida de coco,” a creamy shaken drink based on coconut and cachaça liquor.

For our main dish, you’ll have a choice to prepare either of the two most beloved dishes by most Brazilians: feijoada, which is a stew of black beans with pork, beef and other minor ingredients; or moqueca, the signature dish of Northeastern cuisine. It’s a seafood or fish stew in coconut milk, tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander and some palm tree oil. As a side, you’ll accompany either of these with rice and banana “farofa,” which is a fixture of Brazilian cuisine. It is made of sautéed cassava (manioc) flour with bits of fried plaintain.

Now it’s time for top off our meal with dessert! You’ll make “brigadeiro,” –Brazilians’ national dessert– which is a chocolate truffle topped with chocolate sprinkles; and you’ll also have the chance to taste some exotic fruit.

After we’re done cooking, we’ll head out into the dining room to enjoy our meal and drinks.

Much of what you will have learnt here can be easily recreated at home, using close substitutes for the hard-to-find ingredients.

Our cooking experience comes to an end with a relaxed ride back to our hotel… with the pleasure of having learned some of the ins and outs of Brazilian cuisine and drinks.


Difficulty: none.


Duration: about 4 hours, including the time to travel to and from the hotel.


Guide: private chef.


Vehicle: private vehicle (Portuguese-only speaking driver).


Includes: lunch with drinks.