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Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge ("superior" category bungalow)

  • Amazon Ecopark is located on the banks of an Amazonian river and has its own private beach

Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge offers a taste of the Amazon jungle experience while being conveniently close to Manaus (a 25-minute boat ride). It is located on the banks of a tributary of the Rio Negro (Black River), which is the main river in the Amazon basin and the largest blackwater river in the world.

Amazon Ecopark is a comfortable base for your Amazonian explorations. During your stay, you will enjoy tours that are adventurous and also instructive, to help you apprehend the unique value of the Amazon Jungle, which is home to the largest variety of plants and to 20% of all birds on Earth.

Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge has 64 rustic bungalow-rooms featuring individual air conditioning (a rare feature among jungle lodges), a private bathroom with hot-water shower and round-the-clock electricity. Wi-fi is available in the reception and in some of the common areas, although sometimes the connectivity is not good.

The Lodge also features a swimming pool of natural waters, a lounge, a bar, a restaurant and a beach where you can bathe in the Rio Negro (Black River) waters. During high-tide season between May and July and during low-tide season between end of September and beginning of December the beach may not be available.

The stay at Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge is full-board, including breakfast, lunch, dinner. Beverages are not included.The restaurant serves a combination of regional (Amazonian) and international dishes.

At the Lodge there are very few mosquitoes, being the Rio Negro too acidic for mosquitoes to breed.

Note: Our package at this lodge includes 2 drinks per meal, plus 1 bottle of mineral water in your room each day. The lodge itself and travel agencies normally do not include any beverages in their quotes, so guests have to pay for what they drink out of pocket. Also, we include a towel for a certain tour that requires a towel, so that you don’t have to rent one yourself at the lodge.

  • Location: Amazon Rainforest
  • Stars categorization for this lodging: Jungle Lodge
  • Our categorization for this lodging: Deluxe category (see our categorization standards below)
  • Quantity of rooms: 70 rooms
  • Bar / Cafeteria
  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Non-smoking hotel (smoking not allowed in rooms and indoor public areas)
  • Has free Wi-Fi in lobby (Wi-Fi might be available in other public areas)
  • Does not have public PCs with Internet access for guests
  • Does not offer laundry services
  • Room category included: "superior" category bungalow
  • Approximate room size: 193 square feet (18 square meters). This size includes also the balcony area.
  • Bed options for double room: 1 queen sized double bed or 2 twin beds
  • Bed options for triple room: triple rooms can be requested with 2 or 3 beds. With the 2 beds (or 1 bed and 1 sofa bed) option, one of the beds is a queen sized bed to be shared by 2 people. The bed for the third guest is a standard twin bed.
  • Hair dryer
  • Private bathroom with shower (no bathtub)
  • Private balcony
  • Air Conditioning
  • Minibar
  • There is no Wi-Fi in the room
  • No telephone
  • No TV
  • No in-room safe

Important: Room photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual room layout and design may vary from room to room.

Our Lodging Categorization Standards

Why have we devised our own lodging classification standards?

Brazilian hotels are often categorized using stars, but with different criteria from those used internationally. These criteria are sometimes abused or outdated and therefore they don't accurately represent neither reality nor international standards.

Read below to learn about our lodging categories*

Comfort Lodges in the Amazon Jungle or the Pantanal: being in remote locations, rooms are basic, rustic and rather small. There is no TV in the room and Internet service is available only in the lobby area. Still, they have a private bathroom with a hot water shower and air conditioning.

Comfort Lodges in Fernando de Noronha island: the island's ecosystem is strictly guarded, so there are no large-scale hotels, only lodges. Access to some rooms may require climbing stairs, and Internet service is rather unreliable throughout the island. All rooms have air conditioning, cable TV and mini-bar. They generally don't have in-room safe boxes.

Comfort hotels in all other destinations: nice hotels in good locations, with comfortable rooms including private bathroom, cable TV, phone in room and usually mini bar, internet access, a restaurant and in some destinations also a gym.


Deluxe Lodges in the Amazon Jungle: rooms are somewhat larger than Comfort rooms, they are better termed 'Comfort Plus' accommodations. in the Pantanal: rooms, while somewhat rustic, are spacious 2-room suites. At both destinations, Internet service is only available in the reception area, and it may not always work well.

Deluxe Lodges in Fernando de Noronha Island: the lodging standards on the island are inferior to those in large cities, so for our "Deluxe" options we have included what we rate as "Comfort Plus" lodges. Rooms are generally a larger than in the Comfort category. Common areas and furnishings are nicer throughout the lodge than in Comfort category lodges.

Deluxe hotels in all other destinations: A perfect choice for travelers who are looking for a hotel with more facilities and room amenities. Most deluxe category hotels have also spa facilities and a more luxurious decorative style.


On Fernando de Noronha Island these lodges are still rustic, but the rooms are quite large and the decor and furnishings throughout the lodge can be quite sophisticated for the island, making these "Unique" lodges far more upscale than our "Comfort Plus" options.
Would you like a room facing the Iguazu Falls, or to stay at the world-renowned and luxurious Belmond Copacabana Palace hotel? Enjoy the most unique and exclusive hotels of Brazil with our "Unique & Exclusive Accommodation" category option

This lodging category is only available in some destinations. In the other destinations the highest lodging category is the deluxe lodging category.

* Please check our detailed information page for each accommodation to confirm the specific facilities and room amenities provided.