An Exclusive Journey of Discovery and Adventure at Brazil's Most Unique Sites

Discovering the Best Beaches in the World
and Snorkeling in a Unique Oasis for Marine Life (private tour)

  • Bahia do Sancho beach, ranked the #1 beach in the world by millions of voters on Trip Advisor

Get ready to discover some of the best beaches in the world (including a visit to Baia do Sancho, voted as the #1 beach in the world by millions of voters on Trip Advisor’s worldwide contest in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2019), swimming among a collection of multi-colored fish and sea turtles, enjoying breathtaking views, and witnessing a picture-perfect, orange and tangerine imbued sunset, as we visit the unique natural highlights of the exclusive island of Fernando de Noronha.

Fernando de Noronha has been declared Mankind’s Natural Heritage by UNESCO, serving as a unique oasis for marine life; chief among them sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays, moray eels, around 230 varieties of fish, and other unique endemic species. The island’s abundant marine wildlife also includes the largest population of Spinner Dolphins in the world (referred to as such because of the wild acrobatics they perform in the air), and has the highest concentration of tropical sea birds in the West Atlantic Ocean. Because it’s an equatorial island, Fernando de Noronha has some of the most stable temperatures in the world, staying at a balmy 79F (29C) year round.

Since its discovery in 1503, Fernando de Noronha has been temporarily occupied by the Dutch, French, and Portuguese. The current population of this island is of around 5,000; and, to protect the ecosystem, there’s a maximum of 460 daily visitors who are fortunate enough to be allowed on the island.

Our day starts when we hop onto our 4x4 and head off to Cacimba do Padre (Father’s Well) beach, named after the 120-year old fresh water well found there. From there, we’ll see the famously picturesque Morro Dois Irmaos (“Two Brothers Peaks”). If the tide is low enough, we’ll take a walk to the neighboring Baia do Porcos (“Bay of Pigs”). With its combination of volcanic rock, sand, and multicolored waters ranging from light blue to deep turquoise, it was named the second most beautiful beach in Brazil out of 2,045 beaches surveyed by the most prestigious Brazilian travel guide, Guia Quatro Rodas.

Next, it’s time for an exciting adventure as we make our way to Bahia do Sancho (Sancho’s Bay), voted the #1 beach in the world in 3 of the past 4 years by millions of voters on Trip Advisor! First we’ll walk along an elevated boardwalk to catch a stunning panoramic view of Sancho’s Beach. After that, to get down on to the beach, we’ll climb down an iron ladder which is fastened to a narrow strait between two cliffs. After this descent, we’ll walk some 130 steps down two staircases, and to the golden sands. Once we’re there, we can chill on the beach, or put on our snorkeling gear (provided at the start of the tour), dive into the warm waters, as we treat ourselves to the ocean’s collection of beautifully colorful fish swimming around us! Diving in Fernando de Noronha is definitely a treat, as the waters have some of the greatest underwater visibility of any diving site (up to 164 feet / 50 meters), so it’s considered among the top diving sites in the world for those who have experienced it.

But wait… there’s more! We’ll have the exciting opportunity to see and swim with the exceedingly large and cute sea turtles of Baia do Sueste beach. These critters love the seaweed and plankton-rich waters (which sometimes make them somewhat murky). Snorkeling here is definitely an unforgettable experience, as you swim among the turtles, baby sharks, rays, and many species of fish with colors ranging from azure blue and yellow to magenta and tangerine; all the while hovering above the intricate designs that make up the beautiful coral reefs.

Our island exploration comes to an end on the west coast, as we witness a picture-perfect sunset just beside the Two Brothers twin peaks, providing a memorable end to our day.

Since you’ll be doing this tour with your own private vehicle and guide, you’ll be able to enjoy each attraction at your own pace; making all of the stops you want while enjoying personalized assistance and care from your expert guide. You’ll also enjoy more convenient and faster transfers from and to your lodge, as there will be no other travelers to pick up or drop off at other lodges.

Note: the snorkeling activity is optional. Although you’ll have a much better view of the underwater world if you use a snorkeling mask (included in this tour), you can choose to dive without a mask just to relax in the water or, if you prefer, to remain on the beach.

Further note: If you’re visiting close to or during November, you may witness spawning season, when thousands of sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs! During spawning season, and during certain other times, for conservation purposes, no swimming is allowed with or around the turtles in Baia do Sueste; in this case, we’ll find a different spot to swim in.

Important: the tour’s exact itinerary and duration may change subject to weather conditions and decisions of the tour guide, so as to optimize your tour experience.


Difficulty: easy, except that to get to Bahia do Sancho beach, visitors must be able to climb down and up again a 2 vertical ladders, in addition to a 100-step rock staircase (for travelers without any physical impediment, this descent should not pose a problem). If you can’t or prefer not to go down the ladder, you have the option of enjoying the panoramic views from above. The stay at this beach is about 1 hour.


Duration: about 8 hours (including time for lunch. Lunch is not included).


Guide: private guide.


Vehicle: private 4x4 jeep or buggy.


Includes: snorkeling gear (mask, fins and lifejacket).


Photo credits: some of the photos above were provided by Breno Lucio. Thanks for helping us with some of these awesome photos!