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Hiking Along Fernando de Noronha’s Coast to the #1 Beach in the World

  • See the #1 beach in the world from above and then descend to dive in its waters

Prepare to be swept by gorgeous cliff vistas, panoramic ocean views, and the pristine waters of some of the best beaches on Earth, as you trek along the coast of the exclusive Fernando de Noronha island. We’ll be taking in the beauty of its coast and cliffs, to finally relax by swimming in the inviting waters of Bahia do Sancho - voted the world’s #1 beach by millions of reviewers on Trip Advisor, for 3 years!

Our odyssey begins as we venture out to Dolphin’s Lookout, which will offer us a magnificent overview of Dolphin’s Bay. The calm, deep waters are home to the playful frolicking of the Spinner Dolphins, acrobatic creatures who can spin up to 7 times in a single jump!

We’ll continue our trail along this picturesque bay and beyond. Since we’ll be hiking along the coast, and sometimes at a height of up to 150 feet (50 meters) above sea level, the trek will take us through several panoramic outlooks, including a superb view of the famous Morro Dois Irmaos (Two Brothers Peaks). With its iconic two-rock formations set against the beautiful blue-green waters of the bay, there are plenty of great picture-taking opportunities to be had.

We will then make our descent to Bahia do Sancho. This is a 165 feet (50 meters) climb down narrow crevice; with a series of ladders and steps, eventually leading us to the warm sands and sparkling azure waters. These clear waters are very inviting, and ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Once you dive in, you’ll most likely spot a variety of species of fish; and if you’re lucky, the occasional manta ray and turtle.

After a refreshing swim, it’s time to head back up the stairs and ladders, and onto the Coastal Lookout Trail. You’ll have the opportunity to take in the scenic views of the vast, blue ocean once more, before heading back to the hotel with plenty of pictures and memories of some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches!


Difficulty: easy to moderate.


Duration: about 4 hours.


Guide: private guide.


Vehicle: private vehicle.