Pantanal: Best place to see jaguars and largest wetlands on Earth. Home to the highest concentration of wildlife in the Americas

  • Visit the Pantanal and spot some of the largest animals on Earth, like the Hyancinth Macaw, the largest parrot

The Pantanal is home to the highest concentration of wildlife in the Americas, and the largest wetland on Earth (it's 10 times the size of Florida's Everglades). Known as the best place on Earth to spot Jaguars, the Pantanal is an endless mosaic of swamps, lakes, lily-choked ponds, rivers, and wooded savannah. It's also a one-of-a-kind wildlife habitat for its variety of unique species, as you'll have the chance to spot the largest of all anteaters, the tallest flying bird in the world, the longest weasel, the largest rodent in the planet, and lots of ferocious caimans. All of these inhabit the Pantanal in phenomenal numbers.

The Pantanal has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO for being an ecological sanctuary for 3500 species of plants and over 1250 species of birds, fish, mammals, amphibians and reptiles.