Amazon Rainforest: The most bio-diverse ecosystem on Earth, chosen as one of the "New 7 Wonders of Nature" by over 100 million voters

  • Navigate on the pitch-dark water of the Black River in the Amazon

The Amazon Rainforest has been elected one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature by over 100 million voters worldwide, and declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. The Amazon is the most biodiverse ecosystem on Earth: 20% of all birds on the planet live there, in a single hectare you can find as many different species of trees as in the entire United States and Canada, and its river has more species of fish than all the rivers of Europe combined. It is also, by far, the greatest and most valuable source of oxygen and fresh water on our planet.

In the Amazon jungle you can hike across the thick forest while learning jungle survival techniques and appreciating some of the amazing properties of unique plant species. You can also enjoy jungle navigations, surrounded by the constant cacophony of chirping and singing produced by birds, insects and animals. Also you can meet villagers and learn about their lifestyle, and embark on nighttime navigation adventures in search of caimans.