Salvador da Bahia: The heart & soul of Afro-Brazilian culture

  • In Salvador de Bahia, see the greatest heritage of Baroque and colonial architecture in Latin America

Salvador da Bahia has been declared “Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by the UNESCO, and in 2018 it was selected by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 regions in the world to visit. Once the largest city in Brazil, as well as its first capital, it is home to the largest collection of Baroque and Colonial architecture in all of Latin America. Having once been the largest slave trade market in the Americas (7 times more slaves from Africa have been brought to this city alone, than to the entire United States), it remains to this day the epicenter of Afro-Brazilian heritage for all things music, dance and religion. Bahia’s local cuisine is a unique and tasty blend of Portuguese, native Brazilian and African flavors and aromas that’s not to be missed.